By: Chris Cleghorne

How Can You Shop For A Home On A Tight Budget?

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Entering the real estate market with a limited budget can often be demoralizing especially when browsing through all these gorgeous online listings which cost far more than you can afford. Still, no reason to despair, you just have to adjust your search to your budget and make it work. There must be some decent options in your price range as well, and with the right realtor, you will be able to di...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Add Value To Your Home With Small Updates

Tags: Updates, Home, Adding Resale Value

As a homeowner you are probably aware of the importance of home maintenance and that certain features don’t look the same as when you first moved in. The doors, the windows, the floors, etc., lose their initial shine and it could reflect on the value of the home one day when/if you decide to sell it. Owning a home and building equity is great, but adding resale value over the years is also k...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Looking To Buy A Home? Organize Your Finances First!

Tags: Finances, Mortgage, Homebuyers

If you’ve decided to buy a home and become a proud homeowner, you’re probably looking up properties online, comparing prices and thinking which one would be right for you. However, before getting attached to a home, you should learn how much house you can afford and how to qualify for a mortgage. Even if Mississauga buyers can count on a slight price drop this year (as opposed to the ...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Is Spring A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Tags: Spring, Homebuyers, the market, conditions

Many buyers are known to wait for the spring to go shopping for a home. Spring is a very busy season in the real estate market, and if you are considering to enter the market as a buyer now, here are the benefits (and some disadvatages) you can count on in the next couple of months whether you’re looking in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville or any other city. There Are More Sellers In...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Can You Land A Home With A Bully Offer?

Tags: Bully Offer, Homebuyers, Hot Market

When the market is hot and homes are being sold in record time, many buyers try to get an advantage over other buyers when they compete for the same property. One way to do so is to submit a bully offer. A bully offer is an offer that is submitted in advance, before the official offer date with the aim to “bully” the seller into accepting it. Buyers try to deliver their offer before ot...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

When Is It OK For Home Buyers To Turn A Blind Eye?

Tags: Home Buyers, Negligible features,

While a handful of sellers go out of their way and opt for full-scale staging to impress buyers, others are not that conscious and skip the basic pre-sale preparations. The result is often a cluttered home with lots of personal items lying around randomly, a stained carpet, filthy bathroom and even unwashed dishes. It's hard for buyers to see past these things, but sometimes, it pays off to ig...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Don't Listen To These Myths When Selling Your Home

Tags: Sellers, Myths about selling your home

Sometimes, the real estate market resembles politics; everyone has something to say and everyone knows better. When sellers share that they are selling their home, it's almost certain that everyone in their surrounding will have a piece of advice. Even if family/friends/acquaintances mean well, their advice might not be as good as you'd like it to be.  Here are the most common myths t...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Is Your Online Listing Competitive Enough?

Tags: Selling your home, online listing, technology and real estate

Putting a house or condo on the market in today’s age of technology requires a good marketing strategy to draw potential customers to your listing. Adopting the motto if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist is a great step forward, but one has yet to make the listing stand out among many other listings. Start from yourself; how would you search for properties and which sites would y...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Square One Master Planned Communities


Mississauga is a great city to live in and its downtown Square One area remains one of the most popular destinations for homebuyers and renters. Looking at newer construction projects, it’s clear that Mississauga has lots to offer when it comes to a true downtown modern lifestyle. Some of the residential buildings are simply breath-taking. Master-planned communities have become the norm prov...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent?

Tags: Real Estate Agent, Service, Mississauga

Buying a home represents one of the most important financial investments one will make in their lifetime. Most homebuyers are aware that every mistake can be costly, and they mostly rely on the professional skills and experience of real estate agents who are supposed to guide them through the buying process. But, it’s not always easy to find a great real estate agent who will patiently liste...Read More