By: Chris Cleghorne

Buying A Home In The Fall. What Are The Benefits?

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Most homebuyers know that the real estate market is the most active in the spring and summer and that the majority of sellers and buyers is out there from March to August, but this doesn't necessarily mean that some people don't prefer the quieter seasons. After all, when you find the right home, every season is right, but for now, let’s point out some of the benefits when buying in ...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

The Mortgage Application Process And Your Credit Score. How Does It Work?

Tags: mortgage application, credit score, buying a home, MIssissauga

Lenders have a specific set of rules to determine whether an individual qualifies for a mortgage or not. These rules include several less or more complex steps that mortgage applicants have to take. Most potential homebuyers have heard about credit score and credit history and that it plays a significant role in the application process, but what does it actually mean and how is it assessed? Read t...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Why Is Real Estate One of The Safest Investments?

Tags: real estate investment, GTA, EQUITY

The recent interest rate increases and tougher stress tests when applying for a mortgage may have made it harder for millennial buyers to acquire property, but property ownership still remains the dream of many homebuyers or real estate investors. Either way, owning real estate is certainly one of the best ways to invest in your future whereby the investment risk is rather low. The catch is that r...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Applying For A Mortgage? Don’t Run Into The Following Traps

Tags: Mortgage application, mistakes, preapproval and approval

Qualifying for a mortgage means proving to the lender that you deserve a loan based on your good credit report, stable income and solid management of your finances. If you are already at the stage where you have saved up for the down payment and even picked a lender and got pre-approved, you are probably thinking that you are halfway through, but bear in mind that a pre-approval is not a final app...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

The Condo Vs. The Detached Market in Mississauga 2018

Tags: Mississauga Condos, Mississauga Homes, 2018 real estate

Mississauga has witnessed a significant change in the real estate market in the past decade with new condo developments going up and rising prices which led to bigger appreciation rates and a more crowded market. However, some experts have predicted a price decline in Mississauga in 2018, but looking at the state of play, it’s not exactly what is currently happening.  Let’s elabor...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

What Characterizes Child-Friendly Homes?

Tags: Buying a home, child-friendly homes, child-friendly environment

Raising children in a safe and great environment is what many parents and parents-to-be are looking for when searching for the right home. Luckily, there are many child-friendly homes across the GTA and here is what to consider when looking for one. The Neighborhood The immediate surrounding plays a huge role in growing-up, so you probably want to look for an all-around neighborhood with great am...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

How Can You Shop For A Home On A Tight Budget?

Tags: Home shopping, limited budget, real estate

Entering the real estate market with a limited budget can often be demoralizing especially when browsing through all these gorgeous online listings which cost far more than you can afford. Still, no reason to despair, you just have to adjust your search to your budget and make it work. There must be some decent options in your price range as well, and with the right realtor, you will be able to di...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Add Value To Your Home With Small Updates

Tags: Updates, Home, Adding Resale Value

As a homeowner you are probably aware of the importance of home maintenance and that certain features don’t look the same as when you first moved in. The doors, the windows, the floors, etc., lose their initial shine and it could reflect on the value of the home one day when/if you decide to sell it. Owning a home and building equity is great, but adding resale value over the years is also k...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Looking To Buy A Home? Organize Your Finances First!

Tags: Finances, Mortgage, Homebuyers

If you’ve decided to buy a home and become a proud homeowner, you’re probably looking up properties online, comparing prices and thinking which one would be right for you. However, before getting attached to a home, you should learn how much house you can afford and how to qualify for a mortgage. Even if Mississauga buyers can count on a slight price drop this year (as opposed to the ...Read More

By: Chris Cleghorne

Is Spring A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Tags: Spring, Homebuyers, the market, conditions

Many buyers are known to wait for the spring to go shopping for a home. Spring is a very busy season in the real estate market, and if you are considering to enter the market as a buyer now, here are the benefits (and some disadvatages) you can count on in the next couple of months whether you’re looking in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville or any other city. There Are More Sellers In...Read More